Maastricht is an exceptionally hospitable city where people from all over the world are able to meet. The international orientation of Maastricht dates back to the first years of our era, when the Romans in Maastricht built a bridge over the River Meuse. Ever since that early beginning, Maastricht has continuously connected different cultures and languages, making Maastricht is the perfect meeting place.

The city has bonds with the German and French-speaking districts which are both very nearby. Another little known fact about Maastricht is that was governed by two lords for almost 1000 years.

Maastricht is known to be one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in the Netherlands, a city with style, charm and elegance. The city is not only attractive but also enterprising. It bubbles with vitality and dynamics. Maastricht has a huge amount to offer both its inhabitants and visitors.

It is a city with special and surprising features. The city has a flourishing culinary culture and has the widest choice of shops in the Netherlands. The University of Maastricht is known to be the best in the country, and the city excels in hotel accommodation, recreation services and congress facilities.

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