MECC Maastricht

Forum 100
6229 GV Maastricht
The Netherlands

T: 00 31 (0) 43 38 38 383


Maastricht is located just off the A2 motorway, the E25 interchange (Amsterdam-Brussels) and the A79 motorway (Liège-Aachen/Cologne) and has convenient connections to European motorways. The conference centre is just off the E25/A2 motorway. Take the Randwyck/MECC/AZM exit and follow the signs for MECC or MECC Parking.
From Amsterdam-Eindhoven take exit 55 (Randwyck-MECC) and from Paris-Liege take exit 56 (Gronsveld-MECC).


MECC Maastricht has ample parking facilities with a maximum walking distance of 10 minutes.
A total of 8 car parks have been completed around the MECC. The total parking capacity is 2,201 spaces, 1,000 of which are indoors. All parking spaces are within walking distance from the entrance.
P1 - 203 spaces
P3 - 222 spaces
P4 - 143 spaces
P5 - 905 spaces (indoor)
P6 - 386 spaces
P7 - 254 spaces
P8 - 43 spaces

Click HERE for a map of all parking spaces.


A city shuttle bus travels from Maastricht to the centre, Maastricht CS and MECC Maastricht (Forum stop).
Several buses run from Maastricht central railway station to the MECC twice an hour. The following scheduled buses can be taken:
Line 1 to De Heer
Line 5 to Heugem
Line 5 to Eijsden
Line 7 to MUMC
Line 10 P+R to Gulpen


Maastricht-Randwyck station is located 250 metres from MECC Maastricht and is part of the national and international railway network. There are frequent trains to Maastricht Central Station, which is also linked to the national and international railway network.
From the Randwyck train station you can reach the following travel destinations:
Maastricht Central Station: Two minutes
Eindhoven Airport: One hour
Amsterdam (Schiphol Airport): Two and a half hours
Brussels Zaventem Airport: One hour and 15 minutes
Brussels Charleroi Airport: One hour
Cologne Airport: One hour
Düsseldorf Airport: One hour and 15 minutes
Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport: Three and a half hours
London Heathrow Airport: Six hours in combination with international train journey


Maastricht-Aachen Airport is located 10 kilometres from MECC Maastricht and only 15 minutes away by car, taxi or bus. Maastricht- Aachen Airport can be reached by flights from Schiphol Airport.
MECC Maastricht is accessible from a large number of airports all situated at one-hour driving distance:
  • Brussels Zaventem Airport
  • Düsseldorf Airport
  • Eindhoven Airport
  • Brussels Charleroi Airport
  • Cologne-Bonn Airport


During APEX shuttle buses will run between MECC and Brussels Zaventem Airport and Düsseldorf Airport, making it very easy to reach Maastricht. Timetables will be announced later.
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