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APEX returns to MECC Maastricht


Please mention Photographer and 'Maastricht Marketing' when publishing any of these Pictures as follows: Maastricht Marketing/name Photographer.

The digital photos may be used in articles in newspapers or magazines, TV programs and websites in relation to promotional communications from the city of Maastricht. Duplication and commercial use are prohibited except with the explicit permission of the photographer. There are no costs associated with the above-mentioned use of the photos, credit is required in the following way: Maastricht Marketing / photographer's name.

De digitale foto’s mogen gebruikt worden in artikelen in kranten of magazines, TV-programma’s en websites in relatie tot promotionele uitingen van de stad Maastricht. Duplicatie en commercieel gebruik zijn verboden tenzij met expliciete toestemming van de fotograaf. Aan bovengenoemd gebruik van de foto’s zijn geen kosten verbonden, wel is creditvermelding vereist op de volgende manier: Maastricht Marketing/naam fotograaf.

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Time before APEX 2020