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Welcome in Amsterdam!

Let us welcome you in Amsterdam, Capital of Inspiration. An amazing city, with many facets that will delight you. From the historic heart of the city to the high-tech buildings on the city’s new Zuidas, Amsterdam is a lively city, and it invites you to come over and enjoy its pleasures.

It is a place with a creative and informal atmosphere, a metropolis at the size of a village. Amsterdam has a lot to offer, including: some of the greatest works of art in the world, more canals than Venice, more bridges than Paris and 7,000 monumental buildings.

No wonder Amsterdam’s ancient centre was nominated for UNESCO’s world heritage list.

Amsterdam has many other surprises as well. From world-famous diamond factories, toexcellent shopping centres and many bars and clubs. 24 hours a day, Amsterdam will surprise you with its endless possibilities and its free, open spirit, 24 hours a day.

Facts & Figures:

10,334 shops (including 165 antique shops)

24 diamond polishing factories

14,600 concerts and theatre performances

45 cinemas

1,402 café’s and bars

36 clubs

755 restaurants

42 museums

141 art galleries

165 canals

1,281 bridges

110 canal boats

6,800 monuments